Eloise Lark Cards are essentially about making people smile.

After completing a Degree in Communication Design at RMIT University, I moved back to my home state, Tasmania, to begin working as a freelance Illustrator.

Some of my major projects so far have included work for Target, NAB Bank and most recently Cotton On. I work on commissions of various size and scale, sending work all over the country.  

I began making cards ever since my Dad started requesting them from me as a kid. It was the only thing he ever wanted for his birthday, a handmade card. This helped me appreciate the true value of a simple greeting card. 

During my studies my collection grew (generally while I was procrastinating). I went on to sell them at local markets and eventually decided to hold a pop up shop full of all my designs. I was so encouraged by the response that I decided I needed more than just me selling them!

The best part of making these cards is, without doubt, seeing people laugh and smile as they go through the collection of illustrations.

Someone once said to me "If you are making people smile, you must be doing something right," and that is really all there is to it. 

Something as simple and as valuable as that!


By Eloise Lark Cook